Crude Oil Quality Association

Round Robin

The COQA Crude Oil Round Robin was discontinued when the ASTM cross check program was instituted. All COQA participants were encouraged to join the ASTM program and continue their efforts in establishing quality controls for crude measurement and testing.

The COQA Round Robin ran from October, 1998 through May, 2002.  Eleven  successful rounds were completed, with 30 to 40 labs participating each time.  API gravity, vapor pressure, sulfur, salt, S&W, water by Karl Fischer, Carbon Residue, Nitrogen, Vanadium, Nickel, Pour Point and HTSD were the parameters included.  HLS, LLS, Cusiana,  Lloydminster  , Oriente and Olmeca crudes were tested.  Details on the participating labs and the anonymous results can be obtained from Harry Giles, COQA Director, at