Crude Oil Quality Association


The Education Forum was established to produce a training module for use by COQA members in enlightening  and updating non-quality professionals in the Petroleum industry on crude oil quality.  Three education forums will be available, one designed specifically for those in the pipeline area, one for non-technical (management and trading) personnel and one for refiners.
Pipeline Presentation

Refining Presentation

Presentation for Non-technical Professionals

The COQA is compiling a listing of Crude Oil Quality Incidents. They will be used for education and information only. Mitigation, cost, underlying causes are discussed.  The Incident Tracking Master is available to all.  
Incident Master

Our thanks to the American Petroleum Institute for granting us permission to make available the  following paper "Protecting Crude Petroleum Quality: A Report of the API Ad Hoc Crude Oil Quality Task Force".  Please do not reproduce this paper, or any part of it.

API Paper on Crude Oil Quality