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2020 Spring: San Antonio, TX, March 4-5

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COQA San Antonio

Menger Hotel

March 4-5, 2020

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Dennis Sutton, COQA Executive Director
Welcome to the Spring 2020 COQA Meeting

Gus Vasquez, Argus Media
Argus Crude Pricing Workshop

The presentation looked at how US production is ramping up and how WTI is influencing crude prices around the world (including Europe and Asia). It concluded with a look at how heavy Canadian grades at the coast could emerge as markers for similar quality crudes out of the Americas.

Erika Coombs, BTU Analytics
The Mounting Pressure of Capital Discipline on US E&P

Erika discussed the impact of novel coronavirus on global oil balances and pricing, US shale breakevens and implications of capital discipline, the domestic oil production outlook for Permian and other US shale, and then concluded with a look at Permian crude production and oil gravity.

Tom Benz, Southern Petroleum Laboratories
H2S in the Permian Basin

This presentation focused on two key test methods for Hydrogen Sulfide, ASTM D5705 and UOP 163, pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of each, the impact of testing in the Permian, as well as the overall hazards presented by H2S.

Kari Cutting, North Dakota Petroleum Council
The Bakken: The Next Decade

Taking a broad view of the future of the state of North Dakota, Kari looked at the impact of the oil industry on the state’s population and workforce, before going on to specific industry challenges including flaring, pipeline and rail transport, pipeline integrity, vapor pressure regulation, and environmental activism.

Jeff Dorrow, EPIC Midstream
EPIC Crude Quality

The presentation gave an overview of EPIC Midstream’s infrastructure (assets/crude systems), and then turned to the company’s crude quality initiatives with batching, truck deliveries, and their range of specs updated with current testing.

Bill Lywood, Crude Quality Inc.
CCQTA Updates

CCQTA Project Update

Eric Vetters, ProCorr Consulting
Impact on Refineries of Upstream Additives in Crude Oil

Eric described some common problem additives such as organic chlorides, H2S scavengers, silicon antifoams, phosphate esters, methanol/hydrate inhibitors, and organic acids and the challenges that the industry faces at the upstream, midstream and downstream (fouling) levels.

Hege Dammen, AVEVA
Summary -- Platts Crude Oil Export Summit

The summary discussed topics such as the long term market outlook, US crude oil quality challenges, US export light sweet supply in the global market, Canadian exports prospects for Asian exports, export infrastructure, US pricing arbitrage and Fear Premium, how disruptive is WTI to the North Sea crude scene, the outlook for VLCCs in an export driven market, and the future of American crude exports

Paul Giammateo, 4IR Solutions
Rapid Crude Oil Assay: Upstream and Downstream Applications of the AI-60 Crude Analyzer

Paul presented on the new generation of precision nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR) analyzers is used for process control, custody transfer, quality assurance, and environmental protection.

Terry Thompson, Enterprise Products
Vapor Pressure Testing and Reporting: Recent Developments and Clarifications

Terry worked to clarify the terminology of Total Vapor Pressure, True Vapor Pressure, Reid Vapor Pressure, and then looked at what term and testing ought to apply to crude oil to address quality concerns in the industry and emissions regulations of the EPA (especially the EPA document AP 42 Compilation of Air Emissions Factors).