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2020 Fall: Online Sessions, October 21-22

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Thank you to all of our participants in this online meeting and special thank you to our presenters:


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Dennis Sutton, Executive Director, COQA

Omar Garcia, Chief External Affairs Officer, Port of Corpus Christi
Crude Infrastructure at the Port of Corpus Christi

Beginning with a look at the port facilities and operations, this presentation focused in particular on the challenges of COVID-19, the port’s growing share in the crude export market, and its ongoing infrastructure projects (channel improvement).

Laura Huchzermeyer, Managing Editor, Americas Crude, S&P Global
Matthew Eversman
, Associate director of Crude, Fuel Oil and Bunkers Markets, S&P Global
Platts Specifications for WTI Pipeline & Cargo Assessments

Laura began the presentation by describing the tightening 2020 crude benchmarks in light of low refinery demand on the Gulf Coast and lowering cargo rates for exported crude. Matthew then described the road to establishing a WTI Midland spec as part of a global suite of WTI specs, as well as the Platts AGS US waterborne cargo benchmark.

Crude Oil Laboratory Panel: Responding to 2020 Challenges
Chris Seested, Vice President, Global Quality Assurance AmSpec LLC, 
Scott Blakely, Senior Director, Quality & Laboratory ServicesIntertek, CB,
vis Dean, Vice President – Sales, Bureau Veritas North America, Inc

The Crude Oil Laboratory Panel focused on different (and similar) responses to safety and economic challenges presented by COVID-19.

Nanette Yearley, 
Manager, Petroleum Quality, Enbridge
Enbridge Vapor Pressure Tariffs

Effective in July 2020, Enbridge enacted a Vapor Pressure Tariff and this presentation detailed the purpose, specs, compliance calculation methodology, and safety implications of the new regulation.

Ha Nguyen, Director, Oil Markets Research, IHS Markit
Liza Crude Grade, its Characteristics, and its Impact on the Global Picture

Using a more global perspective, this presentation compared the new Liza crude grade quality characteristics to its regional and international competitors, looked and the growing role Guyana will play in the global crude picture, and concluded with a look at assays of Liza crude.

Tim DeutschBaker & O'Brien
The Changing Refinery Landscape and Displaced Crude Oil: where will it all go?

This presentation looked at case studies across the US, drawing attention to falling crude supplies (reduced imports) and refining capacity (including shutdowns) on both the West and East coasts. It then turned to the reallocation of economical Canadian, California, and Shale grades, and how exports are largely being pushed out via the Gulf Coast.