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2021 Spring: Online Sessions, February 25 & March 4

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Thank you to all of our participants in this online meeting and special thank you to our presenters:


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Thursday, February 25th

Dennis Sutton, Executive Director, COQA
              COQA Online Session Introductions

Jeff KralowetzVP Business Development, 
Argus Media
Quality Considerations in US Gulf Coast Crude Pricing

Asserting that quality is a core consideration in price transparency, this presentation concentrated on pricing benchmarks in Houston, Corpus Christi, and Louisiana that are being used within the export market, including the new Argus AGS benchmark as well as WTI, MEH, WCS, and others.

Parviz Rahimi, President, 
Upgrading Solutions
CCQTA Crude Oil Compatibility Manual Testing Towards ASTM Standardization

This presentation updated the audience on the latest developments in crude compatibility and asphaltenes stability. It reviewed existing methods before detailing the development of the CCQTA Oil Compatibility ASTM D8253 with data on the reproducibility and repeatability, and a path forward to maintaining the status of the ASTM D8253 method.

Michael Montgomery, 
Head of Marketing, 
Apollo Petroleum
              H2S and Mercaptans, Standards and Solutions

Beginning with an overview of H2S and Mercaptan concerns and mitigation strategies, this presentation found significant challenges with current techniques and outlined the advantages of a new product: Apcotane.

Thursday, February 25th

Dennis Sutton, Executive Director, COQA
              COQA Online Session Introductions

Ron Claybon, Executive Director (as of July 1st, 2021), COQA
              Argus Crude Live: January 26-28, 2021

          This presentation outlined some of the global projections and forecasts for the industry coming out of the Argus online event.

Ron Ness, President, North Dakota Petroleum Council
              How the Bakken Weathered COVID-19

This presentation provided data on North Dakota production, export capacity, well completions rate, flaring/gas capturing percentages, and provided an overall outlook for the industry in light of the challenges of COVID-19 and the shutdown of the Dakota Access pipeline.

Katharine Fogg, Crude Economist,
Essar Oil
           A European Perspective on LTOs

This presentation looked at how the Stanlow (UK) Refinery operates and how the particular crude quality characteristics of US exports benefit and create challenges for their processing units. We came to understand how US crude variability and additives have impacted fouling, and what properties could be better controlled or understood moving into the future.

Jeff Kralowetz, VP Business Development, Argus Media
           Argus Update: Heavy Crude Quality and Pricing

Our event concluded with a presentation that looked at global and Canadian heavy crude markets and focused specifically upon WCS Houston, the first-ever hedge-able heavy crude market at the US Gulf Coast.