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2019 Spring: New Orleans, LA, March 13-14

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COQA New Orleans

Hilton Riverside

March 13-14, 2019

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Dennis Sutton, COQA

Suzanne Lemieux, American Petroleum Institute
API Industry Outlook: First Quarter 2019

A summary of the API’s Chief Economist’s work (found on the API website), this presentation looked at the global economy and oil markets, noting record US oil production in Q1 2019. In addition to crude oil, Suzanne spoke about natural gas and how low prices in the US are driving a vibrant export market. Finally, she spoke about higher natural gas production is changing the landscape for the American consumer.

Randy Segato, Suncor Energy
Partially Upgraded Bitumen (Pub) Technology … Re-Engineering Crude Oil Quality in a Carbon Constrained World

Randy defined partially upgraded bitumen, and looked at upstream and downstream value extraction, comparing bitumen to conventional oil. He then detailed the many technologies and methods for engineering crude quality change including deasphalting and thermal cracking. He finished with an in depth look at the industry status, particulary in Canada, and real and possible CCQTA and COQA roles.

Gus Vasquez, Argus Media
The Evolution of US Export Markets

Following a quick intro to pricing and benchmarking, this presentation delved into exports by destination and how exports shift domestic trade patterns. He then moved on to benchmarks, noting particularly why secondary benchmarks such as WTI Houston matter. In an important conclusion, Gus noted how there is an emerging market for a grade known as West Texas Light (WTL).

Amy Meacock & Megan Conan, ASTM International
ASTM Proficiency Testing and Training Programs

This presentation taught the group all about the ASTM testing programs, including benefits, all of the varied program offerings, registration, web portal, test methods, and the new reporting system. The presentation then moved on to training programs, detailing the benefits, e-Learning, learning management system (including course design and revision), live training, and the ASTM webinar program.

Noah Dean, Intertek Caleb Brett
The History and Purpose of the Permian Basin Crude Quality Coalition (PBCQC)

Noah Dean introduced our group to an organization with similar goals to COQA - with the mission statement of Working toward collective crude quality solutions in the Permian Basin. He spoke about how the group particularly focuses on communication of technicalities such as limits, standards, and general crude quality, control aspects, education on specific testing methods and protocols (i.e. Solvent for shakeouts), allowing vendors to introduce latest instruments/technology and safety measures.

Bill Lywood, Crude Quality Inc.
Crude Oil Quality Association DSW Expanded Specifications Project

This presentation was a brief update of the progress/winding down of the above COQA subcommittee project.

David Comer, Dorf Ketal
Sam Lordo, Nalco Champion
Jerry Weers, Baker Hughes GE
Hugo Lozano, Q2 Technologies
Hitesh Bagaria, Suez

H2S and Crude Quality (COQA Panel Discussion)

Matthew Goitia, Peaker Energy
The Cost of Liquidity and its effects on Infrastructure Development and Ultimately Crude Oil Quality

Matthew spoke about the Midstream Miracle, liquidly squeeze from obligations, disaggregating market participants from averages, and the effects on crude quality in an effort to project some of the big picture financial decisions that could affect or squeeze crude oil markets and quality.

Jay Grills, Envantage Inc.
Overview and Interpretation of D7900/D7169 Merge Analysis

Beginning with a background of simulated distillation analysis, Jay went on to speak about the development of the D7900 method and the value of merged SIMDIS analysis including the small amount of sample required, the faster speed than a Physical Distillation Assay, the quick feedstock evaluation (opportunity crudes, etc.), and for ongoing crude quality monitoring.

Jeff Kralowetz, Argus Media
Argus Americas Crude Summit Recap

The day concluded with a summary of Argus Americas 2019, with a special focus on the crude market and quality highlights from the conference. In particular, Jeff spoke about the growing importance of WTI Houston, WCS Houston, and the emerging West Texas Light (WTL), and the impacts of US market changes in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.