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2018 Fall: Houston/Sugar Land, TX, Oct 24-5

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COQA Houston/Sugar Land

Sugar Land Marriott Town Square

Oct 24-25, 2018

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Dennis Sutton, COQA
Frederick Stubbins, Intertek UK
European Crude Quality: The Past, Present and Future

The presentation outlined the history of European refining resiliency in the face of numerous challenges in the marketplace, before turning to the growing role of US exports in Europe. Finally, the presentation addressed the successes of the first European Crude Quality Forum held on July 25, 2018 in Aberdeen.
Curtis Ruder, Baker & O’Brien
Looming IMO 2020 and Resulting Impact on Crude
Curtis discussed IMO 2020 regulations and why they are important in terms of disposal product, untreated sulfur, and the lightening of the US crude slate. He then detailed the likely effects of IMO 2020 on crude differentials and how modelling helps us understand them.
Josh Burkhalter, Baytek International
Leveraging Technology for Quality Management

This presentation outlined total lab quality systems including measurement system performance scorecards as well as automation and quality data management opportunities.

Randy Segato, Suncor
CCQTA Projects Update
Qin Xin, Canmet Energy
Blueprint for Optimizing Diluted Bitumen Properties and Improving Oil Spill Behaviour

The objectives of this talk were to identify process conditions where products meet pipeline specifications, to reduce olefin content through catalytic hydrotreating process, and to determine emulsion tendency of thermally cracked and solvent de-asphalted products in water.

Angela Haverly, Haverly Systems Inc
Valuing Opportunity Crudes Accurately and Efficiently

The presentation detailed Planning Systems, Crude Assay Management Systems, and Scheduling Optimization Systems, with a close look at the H/COMET Crude Oil Management Evaluation Tool.
Kari Cutting, North Dakota Petroleum Council
Bakken 2.0: Efficiencies in Production, Costs and Workforce

Kari spoke about the larger picture of US oil production (now highest in the world) and exports before turning to the Bakken to look at production, reserves, infrastructure challenges, pipeline construction, job growth, and more.
Vishal Patel, ASI Standards
The Importance of Reference Materials in Verifying Crude Oil Quality 

Vishal showed the importance of using carefully-designed, standard-based calibrations to improve analytical results in the laboratory, including sample preparation, standard test method requirements, traceability to SRMs. He then discussed the quality control procedures used to ensure proper validation and certification of calibration standards.
Chris Tucker, Inland Inspections
The Significance of Obtaining Correct Samples and its Impact on Crude Oil Testing

Chris spoke about sampling procedures, stressing how a robust line of communication between the service provider and the client is needed in order to accomplish their goals for the testing of the crude oil and how different test methods produce different results.
Ha Nguyen, IHS Markit
Sour Crude Diet: Venezuela Production Decline Shifts Lighter Crude Slates for Heavy Refiners

Beginning with global heavy sour crude production, this presentation went on to detail shifts in Latin American crude oil and condensate production, and how increasing Latin American shipping to Asia has offset declining imports by the United States.

The day concluded with summaries of the Domestic Sweet Monitoring Program Subcommittee

Thank you to all of our presenters.