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2017 Summer: St. Louis, MO, June 7-8

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COQA St. Louis 2017
Drury Plaza at the Arch
June 7-8th

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Dennis Sutton, COQA
Introductory Remarks

Kari Cutting of the North Dakota Petroleum Council presented Bakken 2.0: advancements to create a new economic situation to lead off the day. She spoke of recent cost cutting and gained efficiencies, of crude by rail versus other transportation methods, and the Dakota Access Pipeline’s progress, media coverage, and the 2017 regulatory climate in North Dakota on the whole.

Shane Pochard & Anna Morris on behalf of Marathon Pipe Line presented Capline Crude Oil Quality Oversight. An overview of Marathon Petroleum’s assets was followed by a closer look at the Capline Pipeline’s history, oversight, and especially quality measurement, including data since 2013.

Leslie Johnson, an Engineer with XOS, then presented, Update on Proposed ASTM D4929 Procedure C –XRF. The procedure details the latest data and methodology behind a new procedure for detecting/measuring organic chlorides in crude, and the progress made with industry and ASTM committees towards approval.

Jared Gayhart, of Enterprise Products, presented Enterprise Crude SYSTEM Overview and Quality Update, which looked at North American assets, market access, and exports. The talk gave particular attention to Seaway quality characteristics.

Arden Strycker, SGS, presented “GC Merge of Light ends with ASTM D7169 Boiling Point Distribution, to provide the audience an update on his latest observations regarding the procedures, benefits, and limitations of merging D7169 with D7900 when building crude assays.

Bill Lywood, of Crude Quality Inc., presented a guide to the new that included an introduction to the website, how/what it tracks, and noted in particular the 2016-17 renovations to the site. The talk includes website analytics and its overall impacts in North America.

Randy Segato of Suncor then presented his project update on behalf the CCQTA.

Derek Taylor, Plains All American Pipeline, presented, Patoka Terminal & Midwest Overview. North American Assets were summarized, with a particular focus on the crude grades, connectivity, and refining capacity surrounding the Plains Patoka Terminal.

Terry Thompson of Fluor Federal Petroleum operations (and on behalf of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve) presented Oil Sales: The Road So Far, which addressed issues of enhanced customer focus on feedstock quality as the SPR transitions into a seller of crude as a commodity.

David Comer of Dorf Ketal Chemicals presented, Improving Refinery Flexibility and Margins with High TAN Crudes. Outlining the benefits and drawbacks of refining high acid crudes, the presentation goes on to detail the benefits of recently developed high temperature corrosion inhibitors and their chemistry, testing, and field applications.

Finally, we heard a Summer 2017 Domestic Sweet Subcommittee Update, from meetings originally held on Wednesday, June 7th.