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2017 Spring: New Orleans, LA, March 8-9

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COQA New Orleans 2017
Hilton Riverside Hotel
New Orleans, LA
March 8-9 2017

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Dennis Sutton, COQA
Introductory Remarks

Dan Riemer of Marathon Petroleum Company presented Gulf of Mexico Crude Supply and Logistics that detailed Jurisdiction over the Gulf of Mexico, Shelf and Deepwater Development, Oil Production and Top Producers (regionally and nationally), Crude Types and Quality Trends, Quality Control and Quality Concerns in the region.

Ken Vincent, an Economist with Office of Petroleum Reserves at the U.S. Department of Energy, presented The Long-Term Strategic Review of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve: An Overview. SPR Crude Oil Sales and Volumes were presented as a background to the main conclusions of the government report regarding the Life Extension, dedicated marine terminals, and benefits to the national economy.

Aaron D. Smith of Heat Transfer Research Inc. (HTRI) presented Preheat Train Monitoring Allows Better Management of Fouling where he spoke about predicting fouling, fouling models and how crude chemistry links to the models. Looking at both research and field applications, the presentation discussed the benefits of software for monitoring and prediction of fouling.

Mike Celata, Regional Director, Gulf of Mexico Region in the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management presented on Offshore Energy Opportunities a discussion of short and long term oil and gas leasing, exploration, and development in the region. Details further to those in the presentation can be found in the BOEM Deepwater Report.

John Powell, Director, Liquid Fuels and Transportation Analysis & Energy Supply Analysis, U.S. Department of Energy, presented on the Quadrennial Energy Review Second Installment: Transforming the Nation’s Electricity System. Though not directly related to crude oil quality, the presentation gave us a high level overview of the government’s policy in this crucial energy sector.

Hege Dammen of Schneider Electric presented Enterprise Crude Knowledge Management that introduced solutions to bring efficiency and better decision making across the petroleum supply chain. The solutions model risk and uncertainty associated with refinery purchase and processing decisions, and enable faster and more accurate business decisions.

Aaron Dillard and Bill Lywood presented an update on the mandate, progress and goals of the COQA Domestic Sweet Project.

Randy Segato of Suncor presented on behalf of the CCQTA, Canadian Crude Quality Technical Association: Update for Crude Oil Quality Association. Topics include H2S in Crude Oil, Condensate Quality, UN3494 Crude Oil Classification change and TIOM Solids Characterization.

Paul Little, CTO at JP3 Measurement, presented Real-time Crude Oil Valuation with Advanced NIR Spectrometry, which detailed NIR Spectrometry and recent advancements, application examples and valuation benefits. Beyond crude valuation, real-time field NIR analyzers provide critical insight into process upsets or unexpected product shipments even when detailed compositional analysis is not provided.

Christopher Roark of the U.S. Department of Energy presented U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) Crude Oil Quality & Cavern Overview. The presentation discussed SPR historical quality tracking, cavern sampling programs and assays, and changes to the SPR infrastructure.

Dennis Sutton, Executive Director of the COQA, concluded the day’s presentations with In Other News…Highlights of Recent Argus Americas Crude Summit. A summary of the January conference, themes included the impact of the new administration on the energy industries, global markets, and pipeline development projects.