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2017 Fall: Long Beach, CA, October 4-5

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COQA Long Beach 2017
The Queen Mary
October 4-5th

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Dennis Sutton, COQA

Joe Leto of Energy Analysts International ( presented North America Crude Business: Integrated Perspective, Insights and Outlooks. The presentation included excerpts from his North American Crude Study focusing on production outlook, shale fairway highway, imports and exports, and pricing.

Domestic Sweet Monitoring Program Progress Update

Derek Fraser, Maxxam Analytics, presented Correlating TBP to Simulated Distillations, which introduced the audience to the latest distillation methods, and highlighted the ways that ASTM method D7900 provides significant improvement in the C4 to C8 region, but can be used in conjunction with other methods for best results.

Sai Reddy Pinappu presented Total Systems Approach for Mitigation of Toxic and Malodorous Emissions on behalf of Baker Hughes. The talk discussed emissions, their impact, and went on to give examples of chemical approaches, operational approaches, and total systems approaches for emissions mitigation.

Ryan Eggers presented on behalf of the state government entity, the California Energy Commission. His presentation, California Petroleum Market Trends for Crude Oil and Refining looked at the California crude oil trends in terms of production, properties, transport, refinery operations, consumption, and the latest in the regulation of HF in refinery alkylation processes. 

Derek Fraser presented again, this time on behalf of the CCQTA, giving their Projects Update.

Nick Seifert joined us from Andeavor’s nearby refinery to discuss Acidic Crude and how pH depression in the desalter units had recently affected them in terms of corrosion, planning, and value.

Kevin Ritz from PAC presented Simultaneous Simulated Distillation (Cns-Simdis) in Crude Oils Using Gas Chromatography which detailed a Gas Chromatography solution based on Simulated Distillation and Chemiluminescence Technology (SCD & NCD) that  compares to ASTM D2887, D6352, D7500 and D7169 and provides detailed sulfur, nitrogen and carbon speciation boiling point information comparable to traditional Crude Assay information.

Parviz Rahimi of Upgrading Solutions presented on the New CCQTA Manual Oil Compatibility Method Development. The new method would deliberately precipitate asphaltenes by having excess non-solvent oil in a mixture of Aromatic & Paraffinic, and adjusting the amount of solvent oil to dissolve asphaltenes. There are details on how this is done with different types of oil in different regions.

Peter Spitz presented Molecules and Money: The Flash Assay Using Gas Chromatography on behalf of AmSpec. The presentation looked at the basics of gas chromatography, flash assays and their benefits, and the latest technology including VUV detectors being used to prepare them.
Thanks to everyone that presented and attended this Fall.