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1999 Fall: Houston, TX, Sept 30

Crude Oil Quality Association
Houston, TX
September 30, 1999

The meeting agenda was distributed to those in attendance. There were 36 attendees of which 16 paid the attendance fee.

Legal Review of Anti-Trust – Mr. Tom Carmel, attorney for Conoco, reminded all attendees to review the COQA Mission Statement and the Standard Setting Rules prior to each meeting. The Standard Setting Rules can be found on under "Information".  Of special note is Section 9, which reiterates inappropriate discussion material. He also urged all members to seek guidance from their own corporate counsel.

The Linkage between Crude Oil Quality and Crude Oil Assays – Mr. Ward Davis (HPI Consultants) discussed a methodology to update crude oil assays using monitoring data. Crude oil assays don’t always represent the crude received, due to production and transportation variables. However, with enough data, statistics can be used to estimate corrections. The method utilizes assays from a family of similar crudes to increase the data available and puts all yields on a C6+ basis. Although some properties lend themselves to this process better than others, early calculations indicate that up to 85% of assay yield misrepresentation can be corrected.

Equilon Pipeline Operations – Mr. Rick Barret of Equilon Pipeline Company LLC presented an update on Equilon Pipeline operations. Equilon Pipeline owns and/or operates 19,260 miles of pipelines in 21 states and the Gulf of Mexico. Equilon is committed to service with Real-time Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition and state of the art monitoring. Equilon’s primary goal is the protection of their employees, the public and the environment. 

Overview of Crude Oil Quality Round Robin No. 7 - Mr. Gerald Lekberg of Williams presented the results of Round Robin No. 7, for Cusiana crude. Forty samples were distributed, 34 labs have returned results. Gerald reminded the group that all the statistics he presents are the aggregate of all methods submitted. He also noted that the statistics are improving as participants utilize the Round Robin data to fine-tune their own practices.

Report on Water Measurement Discussion Group -  The Discussion Group agreed that their purpose would be to write a position paper for general dissemination through the COQA. The paper will include a summarization of the methods available and general comments about each. All participants in the discussion group agreed that water measurement is important enough to warrant dedicating the time that such a paper will require.

Update on OilMonitor – Mr. Kevin Waguespack of PricewaterhouseCoopers updated the group on OilMonitor. The purpose of OilMonitor is to make crude oil quality more transparent, to facilitate the quality management process and to create one “hub” of information available to all interested parties. Two refiner initiatives are currently receiving priority. One is establishing an assay basket for the Atlantic Basin crudes and the other is compiling and centralizing historical whole crude tracking data.

Capline Common Stream Recommendation Update - Ms. Patti Edens of Equilon Pipeline provided the information that one additional violation has been reported. It occurred at Equilon - Houma. That makes a total of 5 violations for 1999.

Mid-Continent Testing/Analyses Update – Mr. Aaron Dillard of Conoco presented a summary of data gathered on the Domestic Sweet and West Texas/New Mexico Sour common streams. He reported that the subcommittee has committed to identifying problem areas and communicating that information to owners and operators of the Mid-continent pipeline systems. Gravity, sulfur and metals will be given the highest priority on data analysis. The subcommittee continues to work with the operators of the Basin system on sampling and mailing procedures.

Update on CCQTA Projects – Mr. Bruce Kennedy of PetroCanada updated us on the Canadian projects.  A new project has been instituted with eleven companies agreeing to fund a testing program on eight components of MSW in four different locations. The testing is to start on October 1.

COQA Budget Report – The COQA Facilitator presented the financial report for the first eight months of 1999. Tish Marshall noted that, primarily due to the many changes in the oil industry over the past few years, several companies who are important players in the Midwest are not fully represented on the COQA. Over the next few months, the Steering Committee will approach many of these companies with an invitation to become more committed. To be truly effective, the COQA needs to ensure that all viewpoints are heard. Expanding our Steering Committee/funding member base will help accomplish that effectiveness. Tish noted that the COQA will also be offering associate level memberships to the vendors on our mailing list.

Next Meeting - The next meeting of the COQA will be held on February 3 in New Orleans.