7th Opportunity Crudes Conference: Refining in Transition

Oct 25–27, 2021

Online, Zoom

Refining in Transition: Crudes for Fuels & Petrochemicals in Demand


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The global upstream and downstream sectors are riding tough waves—one after the other. High hopes of recovery from demand destruction due to the coronavirus pandemic have been frustrated by persistent climate scrutiny. Therefore, you are cordially invited to  attend the upcoming two-part Opportunity Crudes conference, which features hands-on industry strategists and technology experts  with knowledge, experiences, and insights on how to tackle challenges and gain benefits during these changing times.  

The first part will be held virtually during Oct. 25-27 this year to address uncertainties related to the pandemic recovery and increasing calls for decarbonization of refining operations in terms of crude processing and products output. The second part of the conference  will be held in person in Houston, TX, during Oct. 24-26, 2022, with presentations on strategies and technologies to meet the new era of fuel demand and environmental requirements as market and legislation transition pictures become clearer. 

Why should you come to this well-known crude-focused, refining-tailored event? You will benefit from our speakers in tackling timely  crude and refining issues centered on four matrices. 

How to stay profitable in an environment of shifting fuel demand and unstable crude prices due to supply dominance by OPEC+  producers 

Ways of decarbonization to meet greenhouse gas emissions-reduction targets, e.g., via crude selection and trades based on carbon intensity and carbon taxes, co-processing of conventional oil and biofeeds, and prevention of fouling and corrosion to improve  energy efficiency 

Portfolio adjustments to sustain long-term business viability, i.e., balancing petrochemicals, bitumen asphalt, base oil lubricants,  etc. 

Technology solutions to facilitate both business and energy makeovers, i.e., digitalization and IoT innovations, refinery-PC integration, crude-to-chemicals, etc. 

This 2-1/2 day event consists of five topical sessions covering (1) Global Oil Market Outlook, (2) Crude Procurement Strategies amid  Shifting Crude Market and Changing Quality, (3) Refiners' Game Plan, Revamps, and Technology Requirements to Tackle Urgent Is sues, (4) Big Data Analytics & the Emerging Adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT), and (5) Crude Management

Visit https://opportunitycrudes.com/agenda21.php to review a preliminary agenda of this problem-solving conference.