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        Crude Oil Quality Association
            Mission Statement


The Crude Oil Quality Association (COQA) is dedicated to the belief that maintaining the integrity and consistency of the refining characteristics of crude oil streams is of importance to all parties involved in crude oil activity, from production locations to the refinery. The COQA believes the commonly used industry standards of gravity and sulfur do not adequately define crude oil quality, and should be expanded to include other characteristics. The COQA is opposed to the alteration of crude oil streams, such as through the injection of processed gas liquids, without the knowledge and consent of the parties involved.

To promote these beliefs, the COQA will strive to:

  • Communicate our beliefs to the oil industry at large;
  • Create and sponsor forums for open communications and the sharing of information and ideas to better educate the crude oil industry;
  • Be pro-active in the advancement of our beliefs with all areas for the crude oil arena, including production, transportation, trading, and refining sectors;
  • Improve the overall quality of crude streams through the promotion of crude quality programs on common carrier transportation systems; and
  • Be closely involved with various industry associations to further promote our beliefs.

    To accomplish the above, COQA has periodic meetings which provide an open forum for discussion of related technical issues.  Members of the group also attend other industry forums and occasionally make presentations in support of COQA's mission.


Antitrust Guidelines General Notice of Compliance

It is the intention of the Crude Oil Quality Association that all activities conducted by its Committees, Subcommittees, Task Forces, and Members are in conformance with all Federal Laws. Items of particular importance and concern center on the following activities:

  • Any discussions or activities undertaken by the Corporation or its Members, that could be considered to restrain trade or act as a barrier to free and open competition will be avoided.
  • Meetings shall be structured to minimize antitrust risk. There will be proper advance notification of all meetings, agendas for each meeting will be provided in advance to all Members, proper rules of procedure will be followed at all meetings, and accurate minutes of meetings will be kept by the Corporation.  Strict adherence to the items listed on the agreed agendas will be required at all meetings.
  • Members must take special care to avoid making statements or engaging in conduct prohibited by applicable antitrust laws or this policy.  Should Members have any doubt concerning the propriety of any matters under discussion at such meetings, they must immediately disassociate themselves from the discussion and, if necessary, leave the meeting. Any individual who becomes aware of activity that could give rise to an allegation of a violation of an antitrust law should report such activity to the Executive Director.

Members should never discuss any subject (either before, during or after the meeting) on which competitors cannot legally agree (e.g. prices, customers, production levels, future business plans, etc.).

  • Responsibility for compliance rests with every member of COQA along with any invited guest(s) or participants(s).

These guidelines apply to any Director, any officer, any member of a task group, and any individual participating in a meeting or taking other action on behalf of a Member. 

Dennis L. Sutton, Executive Director

coqasutton @